Our Eggs Pass the Taste Test

26th July 2017

Egg quality is a top priority here at Chippindale Foods and our eggs are regularly scored by a testing panel to ensure they meet stringent criteria for taste and appearance. The objective is to maintain consistently high standards across our farms.

Eggs are selected and details of each producer and flock are recorded. They are then hard boiled before being allocated a number ready for blind testing.

Each plate of eggs is scored according to appearance first. Our testers are looking for any blemishes that might affect egg quality. Yolk colour isn’t scored as part of this process because cooking affects the colour. We assess yolk colour during separate quality controls in the packing centre when the eggs are raw.

The eggs are then tasted and scored according to personal preference. If our testers pick up any taint in the flavour that might affect egg quality they can record it and the batch can be quickly isolated and investigated. Happily this is very rare.

In our latest taste test every egg passed with flying colours. There were clear preferences, however, with all the tasters having their own favourites.

After each testing panel the scores for the producers are recorded. These are then averaged out over the year and the producer with the highest mean score annually is awarded a certificate in recognition of consistent and superior egg quality.