Producer FAQ’s

By working in partnership with our producers we consistently achieve good returns for our producers.

If you’re considering becoming a free range egg producer with Chippindale Foods we’ve put together some facts to answer the most frequently asked questions. If you’d like to find out more, you can talk to us on 01423 884042 (option 1).


What is the Chippindale difference for producers?

We are a very friendly and approachable team, dealing with any issues promptly, keeping producers informed and achieving consistently good returns for their eggs. 
As a Chippindale producer our independent farmers benefit from a group feed buying rebate scheme.
Our farmers enjoy improved efficiency through real time data and benchmarking.
These are just some of the reasons why our producers come to us and stay with us for the long term.

How much land do I need for a 16,000 bird unit?

8 ha (20 acres). This will normally be sown to grass and wildflower mixtures, and will require some trees and/or hedges for overhead cover.

How much investment is required for buildings and equipment?

This is likely to be between £20 – £30 per bird depending on existing facilities.

Which areas of the country do Chippindale’s operate in?

Yorkshire, Durham, Northumberland, Lancashire, Cumbria and North Lincolnshire.

I have an existing building.  Can I convert it for free range egg production?

It is often possible, depending on size, condition and location.  We would be happy to visit your site and advise.

What support does Chippindale offer to its producers?

We can help with all aspects of the enterprise; from initial planning and construction through to pullet rearing and on-going husbandry.

Would I be tied to a long and inflexible producer agreement?

No. Our producer agreements can be tailored to individual requirements. Most producers are on rolling 12 month contracts, which we think works well for both parties.

How is Chippindale helping to develop more sustainable food production?

We have developed many initiatives with producers including substantial planting of native trees and shrubs, use of natural feed ingredients in poultry rations, and developing bumblebee-friendly wild flower areas on farms.  We have organised biodiversity action plans on many of our producers farms to improve wildlife habitats.  Our new state of the art packing centre near Knaresborough incorporates many energy conservation features.  We aim to be carbon neutral throughout the production chain.

Why should I sign up with Chippindale Foods?

Chippindale’s is an established, dynamic and growing packer and marketer of eggs, supplying a growing range of blue chip customers.   Our producer partners benefit from growing access to premium markets, and have the reassurance that the output from their investment is in safe hands.