We supply retail and food service businesses with high quality shell eggs and liquid egg.

We have a long history of supplying free-range shell eggs to the retail and food service sector. We supply Morrisons with around 350 million eggs a year and they are all free-range or organic.


We supply quality eggs in liquid form to the food manufacturing and foodservice industry. Our wholesale partners trust us to provide eggs that have been processed to world-leading standards of food safety. All our eggs are British Lion accredited and RSPCA assured.


Product Innovation

As a leading producer of free range shell eggs and liquid egg, every stage of the innovation process is inspired by a desire to help the nation enjoy eggs more. As part of the innovation process we are leading the way in product development and exploring new ideas for using our tasty products that use our premium quality, sustainably sourced eggs as a raw material.
We follow advancements in packaging as part of our product innovation to find the best ways to present our products and brands to consumers.



Chippindale Foods maintains the highest possible standards of quality, food safety and traceability. We regularly exceed the benchmarks set by the major retailers and food companies we supply and implement our own rigorous testing and tasting.
We are proud to be AA rated by the British Retail Consortium (BRC). Our eggs carry the British Lion mark which guarantees the highest standards of food safety.



We understand how factors such as flock age and feed influence yolk colour and size, shell thickness and strength, and the overall quality of the egg on your plate.
Working alongside our quality control team and product developers, they help us improve standards and deliver choice. They also work closely with the companies we supply to test new concepts and evaluate production processes and costs.


Liquid Egg

We supply quality liquid egg to the food manufacturing and foodservice industry.
Our liquid egg is processed to world-leading standards of food safety and all the eggs that come through our manufacturing centre are British Lion accredited and RSPCA assured.