Driving Fleet Sustainability

3rd December 2016

We’re stepping up our fleet sustainability by getting on the road to greener collections and deliveries after announcing that our HGV fleet will be fully stocked with new low emission vehicles by February 2017.

The initiative is the latest phase in our Sustainable Future Campaign, a five year vision that will integrate sustainability into every area of the business.

Transport manager Sean Sanderson said the new fleet had been specifically designed to cope with the demands of farm collections whilst maximising fuel efficiency and load capacity.

“We have opted for the largest possible load capacity we can have in a rigid vehicle,” said Sean.

“The trucks need to handle narrow agricultural tracks to collect fresh eggs for grading and packing before delivering them on to our retailers,” he added.

“We have also integrated aerodynamic slipstream bodies into the design for lower fuel use and a special type of retractable tail lift which can lift the weight of the plastic pallets safely without damaging the fragile egg cargo.”

Chippindale Foods has just taken delivery of its third eco vehicle, fitted with the latest Euro 6 low emission engine. We will have replaced all our trucks with the new designs by the end of February.

Sean said: “The new vehicles are just one part of a wider transport sustainability strategy that measures and analyses all our journeys, load capacities and fuel use.

“We have systems in place as part of our Sustainable Future Campaign to ensure we are constantly reviewing our logistics procedures so that they are as efficient as possible.”