All About Yorkshire Bee Friendly Eggs

30th June 2016

Our Yorkshire Bee Friendly Eggs are available in supermarkets across the Yorkshire region and allow consumers to enjoy eggs at the same time as supporting the work of the Bumblebee Conservation Trust.

As well as being locally sourced from trusted Yorkshire farms, our bee friendly eggs are part of our Bee Friendly Farm scheme which is introducing new bee habitats on our egg farms to boost bumblebee populations.

Unlike other charity product initiatives which give a percentage of sales to good causes, our bee friendly egg scheme has a tangible impact on bumblebee conservation thanks to our long term strategy of habitat creation and management.

We work closely with the Bumblebee Conservation Trust to agree the right seed mix for the area and soil conditions. We then support our farmers as they establish the bee habitats on their land.

Maintenance and monitoring are an important part of the process and this is achieved by regular bee walks.

It can take several years to establish a pollen and nectar rich habitat for bumblebees and in the first three years of the scheme we have created nine successful sites on Yorkshire farms.

By choosing Yorkshire Bee Friendly Eggs consumers can support our work and help us extend the project to more farms across a wider area.