Over 33,000 Trees Planted on our Ranges in 2017

15th December 2017

Here at Chippindale Foods we know how much our free-range hens love to roam freely in woodland and over the past year the Chippindale Foods Producer Group has planted over 33,000 trees on their ranges.

That’s a lot of trees. To put it into context it’s the equivalent of around 23 football pitches full – or 45 acres of woodland.

Hens love foraging under the shelter of woodland because it gives them a sense of security, making them feel protected from predators. We find they roam more confidently and tend to range further when woodland areas are provided for them.

So, by providing woodland we can encourage our hens to spend more time outside which is healthier for them and ultimately results in a better quality egg on our plates.

Just as important, of course, is the fact that more trees means a better environment for us and our future generations, contributing to our goals for greater sustainability as well as improved biodiversity.

That’s why our producer group has plans to plant even more woodland this winter and throughout 2018 to provide a happier, healthier environment for their hens and a better egg for our consumers.


(Pictured is a photograph taken this summer for #Farm24 by one of our newest organic producers who has planted a large area of woodland on his ranges this year. As these establish themselves his hens will have a wonderful environment for ranging. This is the perfect complement to the other measures that have been put in place to ensure the highest possible standards of hen welfare.)