Reducing Soya Use for Carbon Neutral Eggs

6th February 2022

We are excited to be working with Morrisons to reduce soya use at 10 of our free-range egg farms to support the retailer’s goal to launch its own brand carbon neutral eggs.

Reducing soya from 10 farms’ feed would remove 5,737 tonnes of CO² and save 56 hectares of South American land from deforestation every year –

An alternative insect feed is being introduced supplemented by a diet of British beans, peas and sunflower seeds.

The insect feed will be created using Better Origin ‘mini farm’ containers, in which millions of insects are kept. Each container can help feed 32,000 free range hens. They provide natural and nutrient rich food for the hens and will be fed on waste from Morrisons’ Yorkshire fruit and veg site, creating one of the first circular waste feeding schemes in the country.

As well as removing emissions from the supply chain, the scheme will lead to over 30 tonnes of fruit and veg being recycled every week.

Sophie Throup, Head of Agriculture at Morrisons, said: “Reducing soya from livestock feed is one of the key challenges for farms needing to lower their carbon footprint and we wanted to help find a solution. An insect diet could suit our hens better – they seem to enjoy it  – and the nutritional and added health benefits are notable. We’re also finding a good home for our fruit and veg waste. We think that this could be part of the future of egg farming.”

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