Producer Group Meeting

29th June 2018

Our June Producer Group Meeting was again a valuable opportunity to share experiences and discuss ideas for the future.

As a producer group we work hard to raise standards in welfare, quality and business sustainability in our efforts to excel in what we do. Our farmers are as passionate as we are about promoting hen welfare and producing the best possible quality eggs. Together we look at ways to improve the way we work and share data within the group for benchmarking purposes.

The initiatives we have developed to help our farmers maximise production and improve profitability are all part of The Chippindale Difference. We are continually innovating to introduce new ways of driving quality and efficiency, building on our longstanding commitment to give farmers freedom of choice of feed and pullets. By extending this to include other benefits such as equipment and machinery we are making it much easier for our producers to earn a stable income from their flocks.

The meeting was also an opportunity for us to share more information about being part of Morrisons Manufacturing. We are now part of the UK’s second largest food manufacturer and this gives us a unique connection to the end consumer. One of the benefits of this is that our farmers can gain valuable insight into buying behaviour. As part of Morrisons our farmers also have a secure market for their eggs.

Most importantly of all, Morrisons values its strong links to farm and field. This makes the company a perfect fit for Chippindale and will enhance the ethos we have built up over many generations as a family business.