Nuffield Poultry Study Group visits Norway

16th July 2018

Nick Chippindale was one of a group of Nuffield scholars who travelled to Norway recently to learn from producers there about how they promote welfare and enhance biosecurity and business sustainability.

With the UK’s imminent exit from the European Union, the visit to Norway presented an opportunity to learn about the country’s trading relationship with the EU.

Norway is the world’s largest exporter of salmon and so part of the trip was spent at salmon production company Salmar understanding how the fish farming industry manages quality and welfare on a large scale.

Norway is also a world leader in food safety and poultry welfare. The Nuffield group was fascinated to see how the industry’s rigorous biosecurity measures enable it to excel, with a double barrier system, handwashing practices and visitor book, creating very high standards of hygiene and safety.

The Norwegian poultry industry is a world leader when it comes to collaboration and there was much for the UK to aspire to here. Nortura is the country’s leading supplier of meat and eggs and operates as a cooperative owned by around 18,900 Norwegian farmers.

Chippindale Foods has always been very proud of its supportive relationships with producers and strong producer group benefits. The Norwegian model was therefore a fascinating insight into how collaboration works effectively on an even bigger scale. The Norwegian model proves that working together to promote hen welfare and generate business sustainability is a successful way of improving both quality and profitability.