New Solar Panels

6th November 2015

Sustainability was the driving force for our most recent solar panels project which has now been fully completed. Sustainability is an area we feel very passionately about, and we continually strive to reduce our waste and look after the environment.

The roof of our Flaxby production facility is almost perfect for accommodating solar panels as it is south facing and has little interruption from sunlight (British weather permitting).

We had 60 solar panels on the roof previously, and these have been joined by an extra 840 panels!

A Couple of Facts

This will create a maximum AC output of 190KW which is the limit allowed to us by the Northern Powergrid.

No power is wasted either. At times when we are not in operation, such as first thing in a morning or at weekends, the power is redirected to the main grid.

The panels will reduce our CO2 output by approximately 132 tonnes per year.

The installed system allows us to monitor our generation of power live for further analysis and we aim to display this information for visitors to see on site.


Our hope is that we will be able to generate around 50% of our power needs from the main panels which we think is a great achievement.

Jo Thirsk, our project manager, was part of the team heading up the project. She said “I’m really excited with our new extended solar power system. We have been able to take full advantage of the location of our new facility at Flaxby and it fits well with the continual development of our sustainability plan. I know many of our customers share our values in this respect”.

The completion of the solar project is a great move forward in our sustainability aims and we all look forward to future projects to help the environment.