New #EggsMyWay campaign highlights health benefits of eggs 

15th January 2018

Here at Chippindale, we are delighted to see the new #EggsMyWay initiative promoting the culinary and health benefits of eggs in 2018.

The #EggsMyWay campaign, spearheaded by Olympic champion gymnast Max Whitlock, is designed to highlight the nutritional value of including eggs in a balanced diet.

With the help of fitness experts, The Lean Machines, Max will be sharing hints, tips and recipes about cooking #EggsMyWay through traditional and social media.

The campaign is led by the British Lion Scheme, which we are proud to be part of. The scheme promotes quality and the highest standard of food safety when it comes to egg production.

At Chippindale, all our eggs carry the British Lion mark so consumers can be assured of the quality. We are also pleased to see this campaign highlight the health benefits of eggs and the fact that they are nutritious and naturally rich in lutein, omega 3, protein and vitamins and minerals.

Keep an eye on our social media for ideas and inspiration for recipes as part of the #EggsMyWay campaign to highlight the pros of eating eggs and the wealth of nutrients they include. They make a great addition to a healthy day to day diet and fitness regime.

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