We’re Life Members of the Bumblebee Conservation Trust

2nd March 2017

Chippindale Foods is proud to have become a Life Member of the Bumblebee Conservation Trust following our unique partnership with the charity to create bumblebee friendly poultry farms.

Life Membership demonstrates our long term commitment to sustainability and supporting the environment.

We have enjoyed an excellent relationship with the wonderful people at the BBCT for many years now and we have all enjoyed getting to know the and understanding more about how our actions can impact on the life cycle of the bumblebee – both positively and negatively.

The BBCT has worked closely with us and our farmers to establish bumblebee and wildlife habitats on our egg producers’ farms and this has enabled us to supply all our Yorkshire branded eggs from bee friendly farms. By choosing bee friendly Yorkshire eggs, consumers are making a real impact on the countryside and supporting the work of the Bumblebee Conservation Trust.

As Life Members of the charity we will be proactive in continuing to establish more and more bumblebee habitats and supporting our farmers to plant and monitor bumblebee and wildlife habitats on their land.