Hazel Takes up Senior Producer Support Role

21st September 2018

We are delighted to welcome Hazel Russell to our producer support team.

Hazel has worked in the poultry industry for more than a decade looking after pullets and supporting new and existing producers with technical advice and the planning of future flocks. Many of our producers will already know Hazel from her time as Regional Technical Manager for Lohmann GB in our area.

Her knowledge and understanding of nutrition and flock health, maximising growth and development and applying industry standards on farm will make her a valuable addition to the Chippindale team and a practical resource for our producers.

Hazel said: “I am very much looking forward to meeting all the Chippindale free range egg producers over the coming months and getting to know each of their businesses really well.

“Chippindale is a unique business within the poultry sector because of the level of support offered to farmers and the certainty provided by being part of Morrisons Manufacturing, which gives producers a secure market for their eggs.

“My job will be to help Chippindale’s producers maximise the potential of their flocks and improve the sustainability and profitability of their egg business.”

Richard Pearson of Chippindale said: “Hazel has an enormous amount of practical experience with pullets and flocks and will be a real asset to our team. She also has a deep understanding of the everyday challenges faced by producers and can advise on the latest management techniques and how these can improve both quality and efficiency.”