Free Range Producer of the Year, 2015: Phil Twizell

25th November 2015

Chippindale Foods egg producer Phil Twizell has won the coveted Free Range Producer of the Year title.  The win was announced today (November 25, 2015) at the British Free Range Egg Producers Association annual conference, where Phil was presented with the award by well-known farming personality and BBC Countryfile presenter, Adam Henson.

Phil, who runs a 16,000 bird flock near Darlington, did considerable research, including visiting many existing producers, before making the decision to start free range egg production in 2010. He said: “After a good look around, I decided to join Chippindale Foods. I was impressed by their professional attitude and business ethics.

“When you embark on a new enterprise, there is a lot of learning to do in a short space of time and Chippindales provided unbiased advice on all the little things which crop up as you gain experience.”

His attention to detail, and the high standards he sets himself, have been carried forward through each flock of birds. As a result, every flock has produced outstanding results, and each one has been kept in lay a little longer, as Phil has managed them to ensure outstanding productivity and egg quality.

Five years after starting his enterprise, Phil continues to enjoy the freedom to select his own feed and pullet suppliers, and attributes much of his success to being able to impose his high standards on all his key inputs. A keen innovator, Phil also enjoys sharing his experiences with other producers, as witnessed by those who listened to his talk at last year’s BFREPA conference.


Congratulations to Phil and all of his team. A great achievement and one to be proud of.