Flaxby Hosts Producer Event

15th November 2018

We were delighted to welcome our producers to our head office and packing centre at Flaxby recently to discuss some of the latest developments in free range egg production.

This was a great opportunity for producers to share experiences, enjoy lunch together and chat to the Chippindale team.

Some of the topics under discussion included egg size and hen health and welfare. We were also able to give an update on the current consumer market supported by the latest data from Morrisons.

Guest speakers from Forfarmers gave an interesting perspective on the raw materials market and how producers can meet modern layer requirements.

There was plenty of time for questions and discussion and this was a valuable forum for sharing knowledge. We were pleased that Hazel Russell was able to join us and meet producers before starting her role with the producer support team in December.  She is looking forward to spending more time visiting and getting to know our producers in the New Year.