Pig and Poultry Marketing Awards Celebration

5th May 2016

April 28, 2016, was the day of the Pig and Poultry Marketing Awards held at the Marriot County Hall in London. We had been shortlisted in two entries, one within the Brand Identity category for our Free Rangers eggs and one for our loyal producer Phil Twizell in the Health & Welfare Award.

We came away from the day holding two winners trophies! Have a look below at the judges’ comments for both of the awards:

Brand Identity
“The ‘Free Rangers’ brand ID is bright, fresh and original. The Chippindale Foods farming infrastructure has a focus on sound welfare standards as well as consumer marketing research that contributes to and ensures this brand hits its target effectively.”

Health and Welfare
“The attitude and dedication shown by Phil and the eagerness to learn as much as possible about a new industry and to put it all into practice impressed the judges. Taking an active interest in the birds before they arrive on site. Good attention to welfare both in and outside the shed was noted and the management of the range to encourage birds to move away from heavily populated areas.”

A great effort by the team and congratulations to all entrants on the day.


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