Agriculture Insights in the USA with Nuffield Scholars

20th October 2017

As a Nuffield Scholar, our managing director Nick Chippindale is able to participate in educational trips around the world to build his knowledge and understanding of farming practices and new initiatives.

The Nuffield Farming Scholarships Trust awards approximately 20 scholarships a year to individuals in agricultural and related sectors. Nick was fortunate to have been chosen to participate in the programme in 2009, which aims to share information and experiences throughout the industry.

This month Nick joined a group of Poultry Nuffield Scholars on a trip to the United States to learn more about some of the latest innovations in poultry farming and egg production.

The group travelled to California and Phoenix to witness current challenges and opportunities within the poultry and egg sector as well as other agricultural and horticultural businesses which are developing different approaches to food production.

Nick said: “One of the highlights of being part of the Nuffield scholarship scheme is spending time with a group of like-minded people from similar industries and learning from them.

“We saw some fascinating developments and new approaches to farming and food production and the ability to share knowledge and hear from others about their challenges and experiences is invaluable.

“I am looking forward to discussing some of the most useful and exciting initiatives that I saw and experienced with my own team and seeing what new ideas we can apply to our business here in Yorkshire.”